Dress up Meera

About 19 years ago, a ship, passing by the Yenisei Ocean found itself in the turmoil of tyrant waves that wrecked its body apart drowning its passengers into the deep blue sea. Then a strange thing happened. Perhaps the strangest thing to have happened to any human kind. One of its passengers, a beautiful maiden named Zeena, subsided into a pocket at the sea floor and found herself in the middle of a wonderland surrounded by beautiful sea weeds, corals and heavenly fishes. But that was not the strangest part. Mesmerized by the beauty of the wonderland, she did not realize that she was still living, and breathing into the sea water just like she used to do in the world above the ocean. It was then; she met the strangest of human kind; A living being with a body half of a man and half of a fish. He had arms but no legs but a fin of a fish instead. He called himself Marman. He showed her his heavenly kingdom, beautiful fishes and coral lives that he called friends and family. Zeena was so taken up by her beautiful surroundings that she even started forgetting her previous life and found eternal bliss in the middle of her new friends. Slowly and unknowingly she started following Marman’s way of life and fell in love with him. She then gave birth to his baby, it was a Mermaid. But, right after her birth, Zeena fell unusually sick and passed away. Marman named the child, Meera and loved her more than his life. After 17 blissful years, he passed away, leaving Meera, the mermaid, alone in the deep blue sea. Meera is now a grown-up girl. Although there is everything that she needs to survive and enjoy the rest of the life beneath the ocean, she is developing a strange feeling, a feeling that every human being has, a feeling to be associated with other human beings, a feeling to look good and attract the opposite sex, “A feeling to dress up!”rnYou have discovered Meera! You now have a chance to make her feel like what she actually is. Give her emotions and feelings. Make her look like a beautiful woman. Go ahead and dress her up with beautiful costumes, accessories and make her world even more beautiful with the fishes, sea weeds and aquatic props that you have.rn

How to play

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