Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2

After the first game, here's a new and better version including some of the most requested features by players, like the ability to use vinyl discs to mix new songs in real time and even "scratch" them.

You can even replace the default loops for new loops that are available on the new "Audio Library" and even change the sound effects for each individual keyboard (So you can play multiple sounds using your pc keyboard like it was a real musical keyboard)

Another new feature is the "Pan Knob" that let's you adjust the audio balance for each individual loop/song

Of course, like the older versions you can customize your mixer. But now you can mix different backgrounds and mixers, and even the "Pan knobs" color, and also add some illumination colors and effects! So, the possibilities are almost endless!

Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2 let's you create House, Trance, or even Orchestral music! And you can mix these styles, it's up to you, You're the DJ now!

(NOTE: Do you think that these new features might sound complicated? Just watch the video tutorials in this game, in less than 3 minutes you will easily understand how to use everything)

How to play

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