Note: The Custom Category Editor does not appear to be saving cookies properly here on FGL, but if you choose to sponsor it, it should work. You can still create categories now, but they won't stay when you come back.rnThis is a word search game, but with a twist.  The puzzle board will spin and flip as you search for words, giving you an extra challenge.  There are 3 difficulties:rnEasy - a static puzzle that doesnt rotate or anything; a basic word search.rnNormal - every 15 seconds, the puzzle board rotates clockwise.rnHard - every 15 seconds, the board will either rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, or flip horizontally or vertically.rnThere are 10 categories preloaded into the game, and your puzzle will be randomly generated with a variety of words in that category.rnFinally, there is a custom category editor so you can make categories to later play, that are stored in cookies.rnThis is your ultimate word search game with the bonuses of rotating and flipping boards.

How to play

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